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The goal of context advertising is to get into the user’s visual field depending on his/her searching request. It is usually placed near searching user results. Besides, context advertising can appear at other not only searching partner websites thematically related to searching systems such as Yandex Direct, Google ADWords or Rambler.

Web agency “Parus” fulfills goods and services promotion in context advertising settings. Its main advantage is that user is usually aimed at purchase thus transfer to your website will take place in a short time. Payment only for real transfers is especially profitable for a customer, and this point of context advertising placement makes it highly popular nowadays.

After order placement we start work by setting show region, it can be Russia or other countries. Then we choose positions to show and advertising sites types. According to a customer’s request we can start a test version and calculate approximate budget of context advertising setting taking into account the number of necessary for launch key words. We work very fast, that’s why it will take only a few days from your call to the campaign launch.

To create really effective context advertising launch campaign we take into account many factors, such as advertising message text, key words, special programs use (e.g. CASTCOM) which allow to attract only target audience. You determine context advertising budget yourself, and we will make SEO process, fulfill everyday monitoring and indicator revision, and analyze campaign flow on the basis of your data. According to your needs we can provide you with clicks, shows and conversion indicators data.

More and more customers pay attention to context advertising, and their interest is not occasional. There are few opportunities to gain noticeable flow-in of visitors interested in the purchase of your goods in such short time. Immediately after launch you will feel work efficiency of context advertising and you won’t have to wait for the sales growth.

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