We Make Technical Requirements to Order

Technical requirement is a document which regulates what work must be done. What for do you need technical requirements for a website design? Make a small experiment: read a part of a text and ask several people to tell it in their own words. You will have several variants of one text. What does it tell you about? It tells you about different opinions and perception by people. When a customer requests to design a website or a mobile app, no matter how detailed he describes, there is always a possibility of misunderstanding. To avoid it and further corrections there are technical requirements for website design exist.

At website order first volume of works and description mentioned by a customer can be significantly different from what he/she really wants. Not full or not stated task can lead to unfortunate result and customer’s disappointment. Technical requirements are made in a special way. They can’t contain such formulations as “comfortable”, “beautiful” and so on, as these notions are subjective. That’s why we recommend you to save your nerves and order professionally made technical requirements which specify each module.

Technical requirements consist of several points containing general conditions, design subject, document purpose, and website design requirements. Technical requirements are not description as design is subjective and difficult to estimate: what is beautiful for one person is ugly for another one. That’s why there is a special design concept approval scheme to agree this point. Functional requirements and separately mentioned requirements for each module of a future website go next.

If you own a company you should state for yourself what you need a website for. When goals are determined they should be covered in detail in technical requirements. This is a diligent task but a customer without experience can omit important components of a future website which becomes simple by its functions. To take into account all the moments we advise you to address Web agency “Parus” which will thoroughly study your intentions for future resource goals and design correct technical requirement in accordance with them.

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