Landing websites

Websites interfaces are always changing in the net: new ones appear and the old ones get out of the way because of unpopularity. An example of modern layout is a landing website. What is so special about them? It is a website containing elements of other landing pages. It’s a house for all the landings dealing with your business in this or that way. It includes news and articles as well as information from your blog and online store offers.

Why these websites are necessary? It’s the result of competition in Runet, where the prize is interest of a user to your resource. Landing websites due to a large number of landing pages accumulated into one system grasp semantic kernel that means that the flow of customers with different searching requests grows.

Pages at the landing website are connected with each other that helps a user easily navigate without losing initial page or necessary information. Each page is autonomous, it allows form its individual traffic and grasp wider audience by different kinds of visual layout and content.

Landing website is a translater of all landing pages.

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