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Many companies underestimate the importance of corporate style. This negligence can be excused: being busy with more important things of a firm its management considers external attributes less important than real deeds. This policy has some point but you shouldn’t underestimate power and importance of company’s image which are represented by logo and corporate style. Let’s imagine McDonald’s without famous letter M or Adidas without three stripes. Will these brands be the same? Surely no. They will be faceless, unrecognizable and ordinary.

Corporate style is an amazing opportunity for a brand or company to speak for its goals, tastes and care for customers. It’s no surprise that many purchases are made thanks to corporate style. People buy everywhere, consciously or subconsciously following the brands they like.

Let’s understand what a corporate style of a company is. It includes trade colors, font, logo and even corporate behavior codex. All these criteria form effective company policy which leads to its prosperity. That’s why development of a corporate style and logo shouldn’t be given to any designer ready to do it without inspiration and full devotion to specifics of your company. Corporate style should be not only suitable and understandable but also reflect the kernel, corporate mind of your brand and its image.

The same is with logo. One can create an anchor logo, and it will pull your company down, and one can create a sail logo, and it will help you climb the top of success. Creation of logo mustn’t be occasional; it should be created by professionals realizing all its potential. Logo is able to refresh company’s image, give it character. Your customers will remember you by your logo and will come back again and again. How can we ignore such incredible characteristics?

Web agency “Parus” creates corporate style and logo for many companies in Rusia. We will create a unique image for your company. Speak for yourself loudly; create an image aimed at success!

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